Post Thanksgiving Detox

Hello and Happy Holidays Everyone!!

I am back after a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  I spent so much time with family, Erik, friends and the doggies eating some delicious food, going on beach walks (gotta love SoCal), resting, drinking, and being oh so merry ;-)  Cheesy I know, but I cannot help it during the holidays.

{ Erik and Hilo heading down to the beach on Thanksgiving }

As much as I loved indulging and enjoying Thanksgiving, it’s time to get back on track.  I’ll be doing a light cleanse for a few days this week {see:as long as I can take it}.  I’ll be preparing fresh juices everyday, with maybe a cup of steamed veggies at night for fiber (and sanity).

Even though I won’t be doing any crazy cooking this week {juice, juice juice}, I don hope to knock out a new cookie recipe, maybe some holiday DIY decorations.  We shall see :-)

Until then, have a wonderful week and enjoy all Holiday Cheer!!

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